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Around the summer of 2012 I was sitting in the hot sun doing my usual art fairs thinking there had to be a way to combine my love of craft beer and my art. So over the next few weeks I sought out a few breweries to make some custom mugs for and the direction of my business changed faster than I ever thought it could.

During the course of all this mug making the brewer at my local haunt suggested I make some growlers to sell there. I mostly laughed at the idea do to sizing issues, but the more I thought about it ...... well let's just say it was a great idea. I started working out volume issues and sizing out the swing tops and after a bit of trial and error I got where I needed to be.

Ar first I was using the standard 25mm grolsch size swings, but these seemed difficult to fill for the bars. I looked around found the larger 34mm size and everyone agreed that they would be the way to go. So, I re-sized and got to work. Over the last year (it's March 2015 as of this post)  I have moved 200 + howlers, growlers and various bottles through my Etsy shop, breweries and galleries. I love making them and am grateful for the response from the public.

I hope you like the look of them and are interested in filling them up with your favorite beverage. I personally do not brew, but several people have bottle conditioned in them with no issues so far. I also have had one lady tell me the carbonation lasted much longer than any screw top growler.

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